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  • Giannis Galatis

Story of my life

I was asked many times to tell the story of my life. It surely has its roots on #Mykonos, which cradled my childhood, bred in me my instinctive talents and moulded my dreams. I was especially taught by my mother to appreciate nature.

It is therefore not difficult for anyone that doesn't know me to understand how #Giannis #Galatis, being self - taught and self - made, was inspired to create, to draw, to weave, to make jewellery, to build houses of his own artistic creation, to compose music and to sing... in general to revive the Greek fashion out of its ashes dressing the smartest and most famous women in the world.

At the age of 18 I was already well - known. I sacrificed many things in life in order to succeed but as it was proved later on, it was worth it.

Simple as I am, I will open my heart to you and tell you all about myself, my friends, my animals and flowers... my way of life and work.

However don't think that I am trying to pretend to be a "good boy". I am plainly one who has limited himself to seeing all nice things in life, so that he won't have to spoil himself with the ugly.

I will not offer #Mykonos any more laurel wreaths, but only a few little branches of basil, which grand us their daily fragrance throughout the narrow streets. In this beautiful naked island , we need not to cover ourselves with legends that counterfeit both the truth and the beauty of the naked.

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