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Giannis Galatis

Giannis Galatis is one of the island's emblematic figures and he is actually believed to be one of the Mykonos founding fathers.

For him Mykonos is his teacher and always will be.

Giannis Galatis is a gifted person with artistic flair who managed to bring on this island the worlds elite stresses.


He is a self-taught painter, decorator, clothes and jewellery designer, author and amateur singer.

Most of the celebrities who set foot on Mykonos passed from his gallery on the island.

His famous parties marked an era. He lives on Mykonos for most of the time, except for the two hot summer months, when he makes his statement by being absent.

He has outfitted such famous women such as Julie Christie, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman and Jackie Onassis, he will probably greet you personally and show you his artwork.


His memoirs capture the old days on Mykonos...

Galatis Giannis
Galatis Giannis

To mother Mykonos I owe a lot. I have always tried to repay her love. Mykonos and I, I and Mykonos, have advanced firmly, hand to hand toward creation... our own creation.

I am the one who remains a child on the island, unchanged by a successful career and many international relationships.

For one thing, I want you to know the truth about Mykonos and I exactly as it is. Because our sacred truth lies nowhere but in the seeds of nature... A windmill. A monastery. The Aegean breeze. The thirsty rocks. The angry waves. The shining white houses springing up from asymmetry.

That's Mykonos, that's me! 

We were made to enjoy life together and share all our sunshines and storms.

Giannis Galatis

Galatis Giannis
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